🎤 Feedback Friday! 12/17/2021

What did you ship this week? What are you working on? Let the community give you feedback. It makes us all better!

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Working on redesigning my app. Can’t decide on dark vs light


Have you asked your users? I’d maybe try to do a survey and send it out via email.

I personally prefer light, but I know a lot of people prefer dark mode.

p.s. you need to charge your phone :joy:


I’ve posted on my facebook group for users and my profile. We’ll see what they say! I wish I could do both lol. There’s just too many screens to duplicate though.

p.s. my phones charging port doesn’t work, I have to hold it in just right to charge it :sob:


Finishing up a client build and really need a functional signature component for forms on iOS and Android. Also, cheers to the PDF generator. Works great.

Does this one in the component marketplace not work?

It does work and looks fine on the Previewer, but when viewed on an iOS device the 2 buttons (Save and Cancel) are not visible.

I think same issue here.

Thoughts on my 1st sales landing page?


I really like it. I would add more calls to action throughout. Especially at the top. I think some people won’t make it to the bottom and need to be called to action quicker. This is my favorite resource on creating an effective landing page: My step-by-step guide to landing pages that convert. I also recommend looking into Russell Brunson, the creator of Click Funnels. He has a lot of great content on creating an effective sales funnel.

Is this going to be in the app, or is it on a website?


It will be in an app. I’ll see about adding more CTA on that screen, one at the top for sure. Thanks for the guide.

I’ve read all of Brunson’s books. I have some ideas for funnels later for sure.