Feedback on app please

I’m working on an app like youtube… can i get some feedback on it please

ps: im still working on it its not a finished product and if you have any question on how to use it you can email me at

great work with great potential :+1:
as you said still under development and a lot of things need to be done
most areas look neat and professional, other than the logo and login, this blueish color and design making it looks little cheap

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@KlicIT looks neat. Great work.
May I ask which component you using to upload and display videos?
It is a mobile or web-app?
Are you encountering performance issues?


Thanks for the feedback and yeah is still under development i been doing it by my self and first time on adalo and making an app

And yes im still looking for the right colors but cant decide yet

Well im using PLayer video and the way i can play long videos is with a link from Dropbox and when i put the link you have to modify the link so it can be play.

Its kinda difficult to explain but if you like i can make a video and send it to your email.

And to upload videos like i said people would be to use link of the video since adalo only allows 25mb

And performance its getting slower and slower if i put more stuff on the app… or maybe my computer its not good enough but its slow now and im working on web app and also mobile app at the same time

Thanks! Yes video would be helpful.
You can email me at
So unlike youtube your app doesn’t allow uploading video due to adalo size limit. Did I get that right?

I am struggling with performance : here is the thread of my app performance analysis MyTrailPals Performance Analysis - Revealing Adalo inefficiencies

My app is social networking app, and requires users to upload pics and videos and getting slower and slower, so be watchful before you go too far.

Might be helpful to switch the database to Xano.

Hi! Could you tell me, are you developing the application in version 2.0 - is responsive design intended for the application, or are you making a separate web version and a mobile version as different applications? I’m just looking for an example of an application with responsive design and haven’t been successful so far.