MyTrailPals Performance Analysis - Revealing Adalo inefficiencies

Hello Fellow Adalo builders and community,

I have been constantly struggling with performance issues, trying to get them addressed, made tiny progress.
I am sharing the performance analysis done by MyTrailPals user, who happens to be an experienced software dev and also working on no code tools. This analysis reveals Adalo platform inefficiencies. There are no claims made, lot of it is based on his experience, some assumptions and knowledge of Adalo.

I am hoping Adalo dev community and Experts can chime in and can shed more light. Adalo helped me to get started on my vision and I would love to make it scalable on Adalo, however currently struggling.

MyTrailPals Perf Analysis

PS: MyTrailPals has been built working with Adalo Experts.

totally agree with the analysis, there is a performance issue with the UI, thats why I do even questioning the feasibility of using a different backend like Xano since I believe it wont make a big difference

@mohmdfawzi I am not considering to Xano. Any thoughts what all can be explored to improve UI performance?
Working with Adalo Experts, I am exploring following

  • pagination on some screens, however experience is not great in terms of usability
  • automatically deleting old records
  • possibly reduce the visibility conditions
  • Image and video compressions etc.

Even after all of the above still not very confident about the scalability, as struggling with performance only 100 users, and struggling to get adalo support. Hence considering moving out of Adalo.

I was hoping to get insights from Adalo product experts.

No this is definitely not Adalo’s issue to struggle with 100 users !!! I have built a food delivery app and running it since few months, having around 5k users and some collection’s having 10s of thousands or records and things are fine other than that the UI is not optimized hence struggling on older phones

@mohmdfawzi That’s great to hear that number of users/records is not an issue!
In that case the possible reasons of sluggishness for my app is either the implementation has issue or the application.
Mine is social media app so requires pictures and videos, maybe Adalo is not yet there to handle such content.
BTW, what do you mean by “UI is not optimized hence struggling on older phones”?
Are you referring to UI/UX visually different on older phone?

I do have a lot of pictures in my app and it wont work at all without compressing the images, not sure if you are doing so on your side since pictures size is playing a major role in app performance
I am using something like this on all images URL
Do you know about it? If not then it can be the issue

No, UI is almost the same on all phones but I mean that Adalo is not doing a great job in translating the app to native
My app is running very fast on previewer or mobile web browser, but once built as native on android or ios, it is much slower even a single button would take its time to perform, on older phones
On new high performance phones, things are much better and sometimes you dont see any performance issue at all, just like real native apps

Above is what my devs is using for image compression. What is Orient and q for?

Yes on the native i0S and Android I am seeing the same, every click, every action takes time to perform. The other major bottleneck it location of adalo servers, which are based in US, which add further latency in countries outside USA, as shared in the performance analysis doc

q is for quality percentage so setting it up will reduce the size further and not really affecting how images looks to naked eye, and not sure about orient I just found it like that

servers location is a huge issue as you mentioned, I have been following up with Adalo on any plans to have servers on different location but still no luck, my users are so far from US

but I am still curious about that your app is lagging with few users, can you post a video of the worst part of the app where it is lagging, I might be able to give you some hints, and dont worry I am not an Adalo expert and wont ask for any money :sweat_smile: just trying to help our community

Thanks @mohmdfawzi ! I am tagging my dev team to this thread.
My app called “MyTrailPals” is available in app store and play store, feel free to sign-up for free trial and explore. Hopefully can guide us further.

cc @franchesca

Thank you for offering help!

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I cant find it on store, I believe you did not make it available in all countries, I am located in UAE

Can u provide the link for the previewer?

oh, let me check on that.

@mohmdfawzi you can find a recording in the gdoc article.

thats a little confusing, in the doc it says that test was made on iphone 8 , but the recording is from an Android phone

the devise performance is playing a major role as discussed above, if the phone is 4 or 5 years old, then you cannot expect a better performance from Adalo as the recording, still can be improved but not much

if the app is performing the same on a newer phone, then it should be looked at.

I had trouble recording with iphone8.
I then did a recording with pixel 6, very similar story though.

Pixle 6 is considered a powerful phone, so if the app is that slow on it then yes you have an issue

My app is performing better on 6 years old Chinese phone

If you guys can provide the previewer url for now then i can check from my side other wise it will be hard to judge