First Launch - Make your own list of Youtube

Dear Adalo lovers,

I’m planning launch my fist app.
This is an app where people can save their favored YouTube videos, create their own list, and share with others (or save it for private use).
Feel free to use it and give me some advice.

[Current feature]
-Create, edit and delete the List.
-Follow or share the list
-Add, edit and delete the youtube video.
-Mark as favorite
-Profile Management
-support English and Japanese (You may change the language on the Welcome page or Profile page.)

[Problems now]
-Favorite mark is a bit slow.
-A bit slow to load the list.

[The feature I want to add] Any expert can help on this?
-play the youtube in the background
-auto play the whole list
-replay the video
-share from youtube app (no need to cope the URL)


There are currently issues with the servers being overloaded or else, the team at Adalo is aware and currently on the fix.

How did you handle the multilingual feature ? I’m would like to know your approach.

Simply copied all of the screens.
I hope Adalo will support multi-language feature soon.

Wow that must have been a lot of work :hushed:, couldn’t imaging doing that with 50+ screens…

Err. not so bad at first. But as there’re many bug fixing left, it’s getting more and more painful. :sweat:

Yeah, I understand, it’s all about building solid foundations…I personally like to build in “blocks” and over test things before copying and pasting elements to other screens. There’s nothing worse than having one bug that affects 80% of your screens and then painfully iterating each one by one :upside_down_face:.

I would add to your home screen a “register later” link as it’s always a good idea to let people see your app before having to register.

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Only if I’ve known this tip earlier. :sweat:

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Thank you very much. Cool! Let’s add “register later”.

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