File picker & Input value

The file picker is not working with the sometimes visible option. Can i substitute using the sometimes visible option with change input value?

I would make the file picker a group > logged in user > mp3 files > count > is less than > 16(desired number)? (They would no longer have access to the file picker after 15 uploads)

It sounds like this would be best served using the visibility rule and I’m sure we can get it working together. :slight_smile:

Can you attach a screenshot of the rule you are using for the visibility?

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I have it set as (when does this happen) > sometimes (this action will only happen if) > current (all) producer > producer mp3 files > is less than > 16. The file picker should disappear after they’ve uploaded 15 files?

You have set what is called a “conditional action”. So it means that the action there will only execute if it meets the conditions you have set there.

Visibility is something different entirely and would need the same rule applied to it.Follow the tutorial for viability here

I get an error message when trying to implement the visibility component. Not sure the reason behind this but will the “conditional action” component I’ve set work for what I need it to do? (Basically I would be substituting visibility with this)

What is the error message you get? Let’s see if we can solve that first :slight_smile:

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