File picker upload issue

New to Adalo, Need help please :pray:

When implementing the file picker how do I set it up so the user can only upload a certain amount of files.

Ex: (what user sees) 50 uploads available.

Once they upload 50 mp3 files they’ve reached their maximum and can no longer upload.

You can change the visibility of the upload component or the submit button so that it’s only visible if the Logged In Users > Uploaded Files is less than 51.

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Appreciate it! Thanks

When I select logged in user there is no uploaded files option. The options I have are email, password, username, full name, created date and updated date. Please help

You need to create a record of uploads.

Create a collection called “Uploaded files”. In this collection, you can keep the default “Name” property and then add a new relationship property to the user collection. “A User can have multiple uploads. A Upload belongs to a single user”.

Now in your User collection. There will be a new property in there called “Uploaded files”.

Now you can use the visibility rule that Ben recommended.

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