This is Awesome for Custom Forms! Thanks Adalo!

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Today, I discovered that there is a option that we can access the Image Picker>URL. Earlier when we set a visibility condition for the button in a custom form that like Only visible if Image picker>is not equal>to empty and when there is no image the button is invisible as excepted but after uploading the button is visible and user can create a empty records with images.

But now when we set the visibility condition like visible if Image picker>URL>is not equal>to empty then when the image is uploading the button is still invisible like we want!

This video will explain this better!

Steven ( @StevenU ) I think this will help you :wink: : Image picker issue: empty images

Thanks Adalo Team for this!

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Thanks so much @dilon_perera!
This is indeed an awesome UX-improvement and a really easy implementation at that :smiley:

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