File Picker issue

Hello I am having trouble seeing files that get uploaded on my end. I have net released the app yet and as I am building it I incorporated the file picker on the profile page but when they upload a document I don’t see it on my database. My app is a tax preparation and boookkeeping app, so I want my clients to upload their documents, such as w-2’s social, etc that i will need to do their taxes. I want a way for me the app creater to see their uploaded files/documents on my end.

After a user uploads a document it will be available in the Adalo interface for you to view.

Looking at the above screenshot, if you click on the “0 Records” next to “Uploaded Files” in your collections then you’ll see the records in that collection and I’m assuming the “New Property” field has the file upload. However you’re not going to see anything yet as you have 0 records.

You can manually add a record for the sake of looking at it though. When you click on “0 Records” you’ll get a popup window to add a new record to your “Uploaded Files” collection. I just did a quick test and uploaded a PDF and it appeared to work as expected.

Thank you so much for that now when I am in preview and I click add file and the upload database doesn’t update how do I fix that or can you not do that in preview/building mode

Here’s a quick video overview I’ve created:

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thank you so much!!!

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