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Was reading somewhere here someone mentioning, that by using the File Picker, Adalo does not store the media? Is that correct?

When I test it, I can see link available and image is still available, just not associated to any collection record.

@dilon_perera, @Flawless , @Victor Did you ever came by this or tested it? Leaving the URL and checking later if it was still available? Thanks.

Hello @JL_LJ ! The media is stored in the database, so you can use the link once the file is uploaded without problems.

Hi @JL_LJ,

Based on my some experiments with the file picker in the past I have experienced that once I upload a file that stays in there and I can show that file! If I close the app and opens again still stays there! This is on PWA. I’m not sure about Native.

I think Adalo store these! This would be a great question for the Adalo Team! I will post back after asking this question from them!

Thank you

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Hi @dilon_perera ! Like we said, the file is stored in the database and you can use the link without problems.

Hi @Boglex ,
Thanks for the reply, I then remember the comment, you can just upload media without adding it to a record, but seems that Adalo still saves it, not sure if just temporarily. I tested with 2 scenarios:

  1. With creating an record and having the File accessible. This one makes sense to store and access later.
  2. Just using File Picker, but not storing it anywhere. Curious, it still gets stored, so wondering if Adalo has temporary storage and then just deletes “ghost” files (Not associated with any record).

Tested with Image picker and same behavior.

Hi @JL_LJ,

From my point of view - I won’t rely on Adalo storing “disconnected” files and images forever. As I see in the console, uploads are done in 2 steps:

  • when you put a file to a picker, it uploads the data using POST method, content is in Base64 as I think. As a result of this request, app gets the file name (on the server)
  • and when user presses the button, the actual record in a table is updated with PUT.
  • images are recognised even in File Picker and being uploaded to ImgIX CDN server.

If you don’t execute step 2, then the file will still be on the server (so there is no movement after upload). In my opinion, most probably there should be some scheduled job running, which scans the DB and “syncs” it to file storage. Also there is a possibility that one file is referred by several records in the DB - so this “cleaner” should be smart enough for that :slight_smile:
By the way, if you delete the file from the record (and it is the last reference), it still stays on the server (at least for some time).

I guess only Adalo Dev team can answer this in detail. But what’s your idea to do with this files?

Best regards, Victor.


Hi @Victor,
Exactly, even if it is added via file picker or image picker but not added to record, it will be stored. Even if added to a record and then later you delete. The file is there. I still have images with weeks and they are still available.

My idea, is basically I made a cuistom API that sends Images and Media to AWS S3 or other platforms. And ideally, user should just use the file picker and image picker to temporarily get the Adalo URL for me to fetch and upload to S3.

Just want to make sure that, these files are not “Ghost” files in Adalo (So not associated to records) and Adalo keeps charging Storage to the customers.

I made this question a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooonnnggg time ago to Adalo’s team, but no answer till today.

A Feature request maybe that I am thinking, having a folder with all the media for that project, where we could just upload via backend to have a Gallery and with Backend management.

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This can be done with Adalify file uploader and the image isn’t stored by Adalo at any point. PM me if you want to try it out.


I can confirm Adalify works awesome. Been using it for a year without any issues :+1::+1:

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Hi @theadaloguy ,
Thanks for the offer :slight_smile: , but I already made my API and ecosystem for my apps (I prefer to manage my own code :)).

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Hey, just a note that File Picker (Adalo’s) doesn’t accept large files. Originally I had set up like you have, File Picker / Image Picker > Grab URL > Add to S3 Bucket or similar… but you will notice any file over 50ish mb will not upload on the device. If you can live with that then this should work perfecly for you using File Picker. In my case I needed to upload videos, etc and @theadaloguy Adalify allows to connect your own S3 Bucket, but also allows larger file sizes (above 50mb).


It worked for me, I have an image picker that actually adds it to a files collection which is linked to my other collections.

Then i can using the link in the previewer.

Are you saying it disappears?

No, was just curious if Adalo was not really storing (Images, files) it when you don’t submit it to a record. I made my own API that sends data into AWS S3, but if Adalo would still store and count the media, that would make no sense, since it would be still keeping it on their side.