Adalo Security Storage URL Link

Hi Team,

Does the deleted image from adalo records take some time until it is permanently deleted on imgix? because when I deleted the record, the imgix url was still able to open the image.
this also happens with files stored on Adalo AWS. when I delete a record with the file attached, I can still open the file using AWS URL.

I think it has a lot to do with the security issue. because the document uploaded to Adalo can be accessed by the public without security if someone has the URL


This is probably a question directly for the Adalo team.

Noted Erik…

Anyway I found another situation, I’m not sure if this is a correct process at Adalo…
I’m using a custom action to read the URL from the file picker component (I don’t save the document uploaded using that component into the adalo collection database, which means no records are created). It turns out that the URL can still be accessed, even though the file picker component has been used to upload other documents. This means that even if a document is not placed in a record database collection, the document is still stored in Adalo’s storage.
There are 2 biggest problems here, first is the storage capacity issue and second is the security issue because the URL is not private and can be accessed freely without authentication.

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