File users approval

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to do an approval process where 4 or 5 users will approve or reject an uploaded file.
When listing those files user should be able to see who is missing approval and who did.
I have some collections:
I’ve made a form where when clicking on files list, it add logged user to form approval. When click on the botton it changes approval status and i can list who did that.
So now, i need to list users who did not approve yet.
Can someone help me?

Hi @carlosfinezi,

Could you share your setup with some screenshots or from a video for better understanding?

Thank you

Hello, as @dilon_perera has mentioned. @carlosfinezi can you please provide more details or images that explain the concept that you’d like to implement?

Thank you!

That’s what i’ve done:

Here a user upload his file.
In another page i have a file list.

In first collum should show only files user did not sign yet.
Second one should show files already signed but awaiting otheres users to approve.
Third should show concluded files with all users that signed.

I’m trying creating a row in view collection when clicking in first collumn (which user did not sign yet) and it goes to another page :

Here when user click in approve it creates an approval row on approval collections and update current view to concluded.

For a while my biggest problem is listing only files that current user did not sign yet.

Are you using a relationship or a separate collation to store signed users? How the user sign?

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