FileMaker connecting to App collections via Adalo API

Hi all,
I recently posted a help request for a project retrieving, changing, posting … to Adalo collections.
I got some info from Victor and thomasniederberger pointing out it would not be so easy.
Well it was not and by the time I got through the jungle my post was closed :cry:
But here is the good news:
FileMaker Version 16 and up there are new scripting tools for creating and parsing JSON objects.
As well as a script step sending the URL endpoint, headers and payload to an API.
So here is a chance to quiz my brain. Looking through some of the conversations, there may be more demand for help here.

Hi @KIM,

If you want, post the link to the closed topic and I’ll open it for you.

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Hi James,
no worries, for me the original problem is solved, so I opened a new topic offering help for anyone hwo might need it. :relaxed: