I need to get access to data in my App through the API

I want to automatically pull records from my collections to our database. [FileMaker]
Bevor creating code in our database I simply wanted to test the API.
Just placing it as URL into the browser.
No matter how I try, the response is {“error”:“Unauthorized”}
Has somone an idea?

Hi @KIM,

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As I know FileMaker could be cumbersome. @AXIOM has a lot of info about it, may be he could advise. :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks Victor,
true it’s a bit complicated out of FileMaker. But we connect smoothly to some other APIs.
To get the request formatted correctly I simply create the URL as a text and paste it into the browser,
that will tell me I got the correct sequence and components, before scripting that in FileMaker.
So what I am after is something like that:
https://api.adalo.com/v0/apps/[app]/collections/t_[id] … to place into the browser and getting my records, not just an error
I’m simply missing something here?
Another way would be to have an automatic scheduled dump of the csv into a folder and pick it up from there. Both cases it is the Adalo side that I’m having trouble with.

I‘m a big fan of: https://www.postman.com/ to test APIs. In your case did you set the Baerer token?

Hi @KIM,

I don’t think that you can test connection to Adalo collection via browser URL.
Have you read this article Collections - Adalo Resources?
On the step 3 you can see the API reference for all collections in your app, along with request examples. You can test them using curl or Postman as @thomasniederberger mentioned.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi Victor, Thomas,

thanks for the answers, looks like a longer street to walk. But I’ll take your advice and dig in with postman to find what I’ll have to do.


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