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Hello to all of the adalo community!
I appreciate the community leaders and experts. I am very thankful for the videos the how to’s and step by step instructions provided within the entire community. I would like to receive clarity and or instruction for the following four issues I am facing. (I’ve looked everywhere and tried everything to find a solution before asking here in the forum.)

(multiple filters for a action)

  1. Sign up action is filtered to happen when username is not already taken. How do i add a filter to prevent a blank line of data being created in the user property, when submit button is pressed?

(multiple filters for a action)
2. How to setup multiple filters for create a notification action to happen sometimes when the post user is not the logged in user as well as the text input not equal to empty?

  1. On the message/chat screen where the conversation is happening the list of messages are pushed below the text input or can be scrolled far below the text input when entering. I do have the current user profile image and username fixed to the top of the screen and text input and button fixed to the bottom.

  2. Set visibility for the delete function on comments and replies for the post user(creator) and the comment/reply user(creator). Giving the post user the ability to delete any and all inappropriate comments and replies associated with their own post and the comment/reply user the ability delete their own comment/reply.

Thank you for the taking the time out to help me and others!

Hi @jazzy ,

I am trying answering 2 of your questions.

  1. After saving duplicate username in collection, there is nothing we can do, except change it manually or ask the user to change them.

So to do the right thing is to prevent it from happening, I believe @Victor video regarding this is clear enough, but if you want more clarity, please use content of the video to ask.

  1. I don’t see question here, but I would just assume that you are asking if messages can be scrolled normally, the setting is in the edit styles.

Thank you very much for such a quick response. I apologize for not expressing my concerns clear enough.

For my first issue i used @Victor video to prevent duplicate usernames and it works. That isn’t the issue. The issue is when the sign up button is pressed without any info within the text input a blank row of data is created within the database. So i want to add a filter to what I already have to prevent a user being created without any email and password attached to user.

For my chat/message screen issue, I have reverse scrolling checked on the screen. What I’m trying to convey is that when I enter the screen the messages are underneath or below the text input. the list should be displayed at the top of the screen.

Thank you for your help

Perhaps, put visibility into the button, so user cannot click.

Put them close each other, and use rectangle whenever you see the display is not correct enough.

@James_App_Maker @Victor @pfordmedia

I know you all are very busy and being pulled in multiple directions so I would greatly appreciate if you could take 5 min to look at my issues outlined in this thread and point me in the right direction. Thank you for even acknowledging the request.

Hi Jazzy,

No problem. Just tag me anytime you need help :wink:! I can take a look at it right now.

It would just make my life a little easier if you made a screen recording of your issue via Loom. :slight_smile:

  1. The username is not possible at the moment. For the blank data, you could do:

    this action will only happen if: the forum inputs > [input_name] is NOT equal to > empty

  2. Setting up multiple filters for a notification action is not possible at the moment. You could create it as a feature request or upvote it if it is already there.

  3. I would try grouping the rectangle behind the text message input, the send icon, and the text message input. If that doesn’t help I would take a look at the chat conversation app which is a prebuilt template that Adalo made.

  4. It would be the chat creator to be visible to.

I hope this helps you! :slight_smile:

Btw, welcome to the community! :partying_face: sorry for the late welcome! :wink:

Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

I will upvote the feature request.

This has totally given me much more understanding and I will add video in the future.

No problem! I’m glad I can help! :wink:

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