Anti-double submission feature

Recently I released app and now I’m facing against double transmission problem.

As you see I have a comment entry form at the bottom of the comment list, but when Adalo is performing slowly, users tend to repeatedly click on it and duplicate comments will be created.
Users can delete the duplicate records themselves, but the problem is that multiple notifications are issued by background processing when comments are posted.

How can I implement the so-called anti-double submission feature in Adalo?

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For now I’m thinking about working around like this.
Setting a condition for notification creation so as to execute it if the same type of notification has not been performed within the past minute.

I would like to know better ideas if there is…

Hi Leo,

I am facing the same issue on data creation so it applies to any create action.

I am looking at a few options and will come back here with the options I found as well.


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Hi @NoCodeJedi,

Thanks for the response.
For now, I’ve changed processing layout so that when saving a record, it transitions to a blank page, where the record is saved and notifications are issued.
By making the user transition to a different screen when tapping the save button, it eliminates the opportunity for the Double Tap, and it displays an hourglass modal screen until the process is finished, and then returns to the original screen after the process is finished.

I would be happy If you would tell me about your thoughts and ideas!

Many thanks,

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If you wanted, you could set up the action of sending the message to be a conditional action. This condition would check if the text in the input is equal to the previous message sent and if it is, would display an error that it is the same as the previous message.


Thanks Colin.
I just noticed that and implemented the feature as well.
Thank you.

This is a great idea! I was trying to hide the button after submission leaving the user in the same screen but will try both and let you know which one feels better.

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