Filter houses available between two dates

Hello, I am developing an application to reserve houses for temporary rent. I want to show a list with the houses that are available between two dates. How can it be resolved? Thank you

Hey, yes this is possible, but it’s not exactly obvious how to do that. You need to set up 3 And/Or Filters.

This post will be of use to you though it does reference NoCodeMonkeys Advanced Calendar. But it will work with the Normal Date Pickers also.

Hi iAppsNi, thanks for your help.
This solution is not working for me. It shows me the reservations that overlap with the filter dates. If I select in the filter the start and end date after all the reservations I have, it shows me all the reservations.
I have 2 collections: house and reservation. House has a one-to-many relationship with reservation

I have a list of houses and what I want is to filter the houses that are available (they do not have a reservation).

If I try to set the list with the home collection, in the filter options of the list, it does not allow me to select the start and end dates of the reservation.

Maybe I have a problem with the data schema.

Hi @eguillote,

It’s because a house can have many reservations. If it’s a One to Many relationship then you can select!

I think in here you need a list withing a list. : Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Maybe Keith or other makers has a better idea? :smiley:

Thank you

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Hello dilon_perera, thanks for the help and the video that I thought was great :smiley:.
The video is the solution to see a list of reservations between two dates, but it is not what I need :face_with_head_bandage:.
I want to clarify that each record of the “Reservation” collection contains the period in which the house is not available for rent (because it was rented).
I need to list the houses that are available for rent between two dates (start date and end date). That is, there is no reservation (in the reservation collection) that overlaps with the search dates.

Any idea how to do it?

Thanks you

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