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Hi Adalo Community, I am developing a Boardroom Booking app. I would like to have a list of Bookings placed to a specific boardroom whose booking status is updated to either Approved, Tentative or Rejected. As of now I have collection ‘‘Booking Status’’ with 1 to many relationship with the “Booking” collection. I also have Boardroom Collection which has a 1 to Many Relationship with Booking collection. The issue I have is that, my list of the my current Boardroom’s Bookings whose status is = to either Approved, Tentative or Rejected is not displaying any of my Bookings . Can someone help me on how can I resolve this please. Thanks in advance



Hi @Development ,

Your list should include filter for status.

  1. In the reservations collection you must add a property that is the status of the reservation.

  2. You make a collection that is reservation statuses… Approved, on hold, etc…

  3. On the RESERVATION DETAILS page… you must put a dropdown that is Reservation States… when you select the status you want, click on a button that says update status, then on the property that says status reservation>dropdown status name (then the name you selected will be saved)

  4. how to filter a list by status? On the page where all the reservations are… you add a dropdown of states… and the list you make a filter that is all the reservations that state of the reservation content dropdowne name

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