Filter list to show only relevant items

I’m trying to only show cell under the “truth” column in my data collection of mindset practices based on filtering by other two columns. The filters are coming from drop down menus the user is selecting from previous screens. however, it is not populating the filtered “truth” text I am want to show from the data collect

Here’s what I’m doing

Hello. well basically, the filter that you are implementing is based on the “Truth” property in the database collection, but according to the image, it doesn’t look like that the list contains any filters related to the “Truth” property.

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I’m trying to filter truths based on the Thought and Support Type columns in the database

Hi @crossroads,

Could you share a screenshot or a video of the screen that user choose choices and the screen that this list located? After choosing the choices the user directly goes to the screen where this lust located right? After going there and then the user can go to another screen clicking a item and come back?( Like this : inputs and dropdowns.mp4 - Google Drive )

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Can you please provide more information or images about the issue that you’re experiencing?

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Here is the image of the screen where user selects Thought and Support Type from a predefined lists

Here is image of screen where I call Mind renewal practice database filtered by Thought and Support Type inputed in the input box from screen above

Can anyone help me here?

Hi @crossroads ,

Try checking this thread,