Filtering API Lists

Hi, All:

I have a (hopefully) quick question.

I have not had much experience with APIs. I have a list of equipment in a SheetDB database, that equipment has a ‘Category’ field. The list of categories is a collection in Adalo.

I have the API set up and it will bring up the entire list of equipment in the SheetDB database, however, I’d like to sort it based on the category from a drop down.

I have the drop down on the same page as the list, and it is set to look at the categories collection, what I need to know is how do I display the correct items in the list based off of that category.


Hey there @Bobby

I’ve never personally used sheetDB before, but looking at the documentation, it appears that you can query based on parameters.

Here’s what I’m looking at: SheetDB Documentation

It appears that you should be able to add a query parameter to your list where category= {dropdown option}

Similar to this:

Try it out and let me know if it works for you.


I’m very new to these sort of parameters.

So I place the word Category in the ‘Name’ field and magic text the dropdown’s name in the ‘Value’ field?

If so, it did not work.


Hi Bobby,

This post by Karimo will help you!

Did a quick Video :

Thank you

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You are amazing, thank you!

I have a new question now :slight_smile:

You know how custom lists have the option to load results as you scroll, is that not possible with APIs?

I dont see that option when I switch it to a list from the API.

The reason I ask, is each Category will probably have several hundred items in it which may kill performance.

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Your Welcome!

Still not possible as far as I’m aware! How about creating a Pagination something like this?

Thank you

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