Problem with sheetdb and query parameters

Hi @Mykhailo,
This is a tricky one :wink:

The first issue is that uses different URLs / endpoints for GET - All Data
and Get - Search documents

You can start using the first URL:

But you need to change the endpoint for the GET endpoint:

The challenge is that you need to get data back to be able to save the configuration in Adalo.
So we need to select something.
That is why you find the ?Name[]=! at the end of the URL

Why the [ ] and ! ??
From the SheetDB API documentation:

The ?Name[]=! at the end of the URL basically filters for all Names that are NOT (=> this is the !) empty.
The because we want to add a a second dynamic filter later.

For testing I setup a simple list showing all data:

when the user clicks the arrow, the second screen should only show the selected, single record/row:


Here I set the second dynamic filter.
The First field has the parameter Name, the second one the value.

2020-07-27_18-23-31 (1)

What happens here is that a GET request is created with the first part (yellow) coming from the configuration for the collection, and the second part (green) added by the dynamic filter on the second screen: