Filtering Data being updated to the Database

Hello everyone, This is going to be a lot Please bear with me.
I’m stuck with a little problem. Below are screenshots of a form to update a user’s order. Firstly there’s a select menu fetching data a collection of districts with default delivery fee defined if the user is ordering from a district different from that of the restaurant, and also a default delivery fee for users ordering from the same district as the restaurant.
There are two text fields with conditional visibility based on the district the user selects from the dropdown.

So I am trying to update the order with the delivery fee based of the selection made by the user I.E if the user selects a district the same as the restaurant, it updates the order with the delivery fee, the same goes for if the user is in a different district. but I haven’t been able to do that successfully, is there a way to do it, I tried this method below “Form Input > Select >Delivery Fee” and “Form Input > Select > Same District Fee” all that does is multiply both variables.

I’d prefer it to update if user selected input is true for one variable and not update the other.

Thanks for your help.

I think you will probably need to different actions to Update Order – one that uses the same district fee and one that uses the delivery fee. You can then use the advanced options of the actions to define the condition when each should run.

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Works like magic :blush:
Thanks Ben!