Booking app query

Hello I am making a bus booking app
I have made two dropdown menus that users can select for starting city to destination city
And a list that will show the type of buses available (AC or non AC ) with the price of the trip
Please show me how to make the database and how to filter the lists to show the type of buses Available and the price of the trip according to the bus type so that users can select from the list
I have the price list of start city to destination city according to bus types in a CSV file
Please help me urgently
And also can I change the Trip prices later when the app is being used by people

Hi @mike999,

I guess what you will need is two location properties on the buses collection for start and end locations and then add two locations inputs and filter the buses list with that inputs.

Something like this :

If they connected to your Database you can directly change that going to your database and that will show in your app!

Also maybe Barrett ( @barrettnash ) can add some more information?

Thank you

i done that already what about how to show the prices when a user selects the start and end locations