Sometimes visible condition is not working

I’m pretty sure that this is a bug rather than misconfiguration…

It seems that the highlighted part of the condition i’ve set (in the screenshot) for visibility of buttons is not being recognised. I.e, it is calculating how many credits ALL users have rather than the sum of Credits where the user email property = logged in user’s email as it should be. I’ve confirmed this by changing the cost of an Estimate to 21 (there are currently 20 credits in total on the system across 2 user account) and the accept / decline buttons disappear.

I know that the setup of the filter is correct because I have this displaying as sum in each user accounts dashboard as a balance.

Can anyone help?

Tried changing is equals to to contains and it didn’t work but thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:

Hi @jpotts ,

In my experience, not all variables comparation works for every time they can be compared.

I find that update action is the most reliable, if conditional and visibility does not serve the need.

In your case, you might add additional field as credit sum and use this instead, rather than use sum from numbers field.

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