Filter in List for external data not working

Hi. I have an external connection to the following sheety API, and am trying to filter results in a list by a specific field called driver. However the filter by driver isnt happening and all records are displayed. The “driver Key” is the primary key value for the current driver from the driver table.

What could be the problem ??

Hi @Murali,

The driver column in the Jobs table and the driver key column in the Drivers table matches right? I see that you have a key property in the JSON of the link that you provided. Maybe the key on the Jobs table has to be there?

If they matches but still not working can you try entering filter on the Name and enter the column name ( driver ) and putting = with the driver key from magic text on the value?

Thank you

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Thanks Dilon. Yes the columns do match. The keys are present on both tables. I even tried hard coding the key into the query but still no results. The driver table for your reference.

This is such a basic step and we shouldn’t be jumping over hoops to solve this I suppose. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for that Murali Now I’m not front of my computer and getting after few hours and will check this and let you know! Personally I only checked Sheety connecting as a external collection and displaying it but didn’t played with the filters. But I believe it’s simple! Will be back here after few hours!

Thank you!

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The filter seems to be working outside of Adalo. Are my filter parameters in adalo wrong ??[driver]=70608c66

I think you need something like this :

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Thank @dilon_perera. Its kind of you to take the trouble of testing this out.

Yeah. Something like this but not hard coded.

Looks like you have hard-coded the filter parameter in the collection settings. This works for simple applications. But if one has multiple columns and needs to dynamically filter on multiple criteria, OR needs different filters in different forms for the same collection, I think such hard-coding will limit the possibilities.

I had written to adalo and they have acknowledged the problem and say they are working on the fix. Thanks once again for the trouble you have taken.

I hope you and your family are doing OK !!!

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Your welcome!

You can use this & to add more filters. But if this can be like Airtable it will be cool!

Let us know if you heard a reply from them again!

Hope you and your family too!