Filtering list based on dropdown selection


I’m creating an inventory tracker for a regional chain of stores. I have 4 collections: Users, Stores, Products, and Inventory. Inventory contains relationships to Products and to Stores, which is a count of the given products for each store. I have a dropdown selector where the user will select which store they want to view/adjust the inventory for. Once selected, a list is supposed to come up that displays the current inventory for that store and allows them to adjust it.

However, my list isn’t coming up! It’s currently set up that the Dropdown selection updates the User’s relationship to the store by filling in the store information. Though this store has inventory, it’s displaying as if it’s empty. Can someone please help? Picture below for how my list filter is set up. Let me know if you need more information!

It should be simple, maybe I don’t understand, apologies if I am missing the point.

Dropdown should be a list of stores.

Inventory list is then filtered
Store = Dropdown

Is it a multi select dropdown?

Hello, In order to filter your inventory list according to the selected store, you can add a filter to your list which will be (Current inventory (Store) is equal to (Dropdown => Selected store).

Thank you!

Thank you both for the responses–I’m not seeing a simple option like this. It won’t just let me click Store (Drowdown), it’s making me go down this path with the inventory and products that is seemingly never ending. Do you think my dropdown is set up wrong? It’s single select to pick one of the stores from the database.


I figured it out, thank you for your help!

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