Filtering with multiselect dropdown


I’m having an issue with filtering a list of products based on multiple criteria and more specifically on brand selection with multiselect dropdown. These brands are a separate collection that has a relationship with products.

I use the “update logged in user” action to update of a parameter called “selected brand” when an item is clicked on the multiselectdropdown but the list doesn’t show any results once I selected one or multiple brands. The list is of course filtered in a way that the brand name has to be equal to that “selected brand”.

How do I proceed ?
I’m using a separate page with the filters. So, I’m picking brands on the multiselect dropdown.
When filtering on that page is done, I click a submit button that links to a new page with that filtered list and taht has an action “update logged in user” too. I get no results on that list. Moreover, when I come back to that page, no brands are selected anymore.
I also tried to get the filter on the same page as the list to test but it didn’t work better.

I’m kind of worried because users on the app should manage to select multiple brands to find products he’s been looking for.
Does anyone manage to filter his list with multiselect dropdown ?

Thanks a lot for your help

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