Dropdown menu - list does not filter per selection

Hi everybody,
This is my first app and first post here. My app is about Task management. I have 3 collections: Users, Teams, Tasks.

First Relationship is: one Team to many tasks, i.e. when a task is created, its Team name is also added (as a given name from dropdown) as a mandatory selection. Note that Team name is created upfront in another form (which works well).

On a new screen1, I created a dropdown menu to select Team name and added a list of tasks under it so that, when a Teamname selected, the list must show only the tasks that are related to the selected Team name. The issue is: my list shows all tasks when no selection on dropdown menu, but nothing showing up when I make a selection of any Team name.

I have similar issue for another list, i.e. Users list. On a new screen2, I have dropdown to select Team name, and have a list of users under it. When a Team name selected, I want the list to show only the Users which are assigned to the selected Team name. Relationship is Many team to many users.

Can you please help to understand whether my relationship or custom filter is correct. Or where I make a mistake. I appreciate your support.


Please share a screenshot of your “filtering” in the list.

The way to do this (if I understood you correctly) is by selecting show “all task” in the list, and then add a custom filter where “team name” is equal to “team dropdown”.

If you want to show no tasks if the dropdown has no option selected then you can give the inner components of the list (the name of the task) a conditional visibility where it’s visible only when task’s team name = team dropdown selection.

This is an example of the functionality, let me know if this is what you need and we can get into more detail if needed. Test

Hope that helps.

Thank you so much for your response and the test. It’s exactly what I need. Here is the screens and how I do (I think the same way as you described - or maybe I miss something).

Not sure how to provide a link so you can test yourself (like you did).

And similar issue in another screen, where I filter User by Team name (want to filter all users that are assigned to the Team name (User collection has the name of specific team under Teamname column of the user)

Ok, let’s cover each step:

The selector must be a list of the collection “Teams”, with no custom filters as I understand.
Then, the custom filter on your list change to “equal” instead of contains.
Finally, to hide the tasks if there is no selection on the dropdown I’m afraid you need to create your own list instead of using the default component “simple list”.
If you create your own list you can select each component of the list, in your picture it will be “task name, User name and the picture” and you can give each a conditional visibility where they are only visible if “current task>team name = team selector”.

Hope it helps!

Dear Grolthas,

Thank you again for the support. I think I got all you instructed, except the very last point {visible if “current task>team name = team selector”}
Because, when I put sometimes visible and look for value for the first dropdown of “Visible if…”, there is no “Current task” available for selection. I see Tasks, and from there it goes to “All”

Here is the screen

And, btw, I selected one task only as well, not the whole list, to change visibility. In this case, I could see the Current tasks>Team>Name. However, this did not work again. It shows tasks when no selection, and nothing when a Teamname selected. And even it works, should I select each list item and repeat the same visibility filter?

The conditional visibility is not for the list but for the components of the list.
You have to “double click” as many times as needed to select a single component, i.e. “name”, “deadline”, “username”.

Try and see if it works :+1:

Great explanations. I got all you said. However, still one thing missing - not sure what. The list appears when nothing selected, and vice versa. Here are screens:

Make sure that every component of the list has the conditional visibility, you can also make them a group and apply the visibility to the entire group.

Feel free to DM me if you can’t figure it out :+1:

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