Firebase or Airtable

I’m creating a chat app - text plus images. It will be Android and IOS not PWA. I’m considering using an external database such as Airtable, Firebase, or AWS?
Does anyone have experience with this? I’d appreciate hearing results. Additionally, does this work for images as well as text?

Why not use the Adalo collections?

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I would not use Airtable for a Chat app, for “Fast” interactions apps such as Chats, Airtable will be slow, I would use Adalo Collections or something like XANO/Supabase.

TKOTC, I will be exporting the ‘chat’ text to another service via API and concerned about performance.
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JL_LJ, thanks for the advice. I’m looking into Supabase. Have you used Supabase yourself?

I am just starting with Supaba (Baby Steps), I started due to good feedback, my daily to go DB is still XANO, let’s see if supabase changes my mind.

Can Xano or Supabase work with ‘profile’ images?

After reading everything from below:

  1. Adalo chat apps aren’t great. You’ll probably never get the experience you’re looking for. There’s a slight lag (no matter what you use, although external is usually faster).
  2. Using adalo is still the best bet, especially for development speed. It’ll be at least 3x faster than external. Also, external removes some adalo features, like push notifications, that you’re probably expecting.
  3. If you’re commited to external, we use supabase. The API docs are very clear. RLS is great. SQL is easy to work with and understand (at least for us). We made some tutorials on our YT about how to integrate the two. Adalo x Supabase Integration Part 1 - YouTube

Let me see if I get this straight, you want to use Xano/Supabase to “serve” the Profile Images instead of storing them in an Adalo collection?

This should be doable, I would assume you would need to create a Table with users emails/ID in XANO/Supabase together with the Images, and in the profile screen the image would be that XANO/supabase External collection image and filtering via the user email/ID. This is what I can think at a high level, no testing done.

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