First launch: Watch Twitch with friends

Hi, I just launched a small webapp, where users can watch Twitch with friends.

User can add friends and create groups with them (alike whatsapp groups).

Every group have a persistent video call, and they can play any Twitch channel.

This is my very first launch, I know it’s very simple and you probably are not the target, but I would love to get feedback from you guys: bugs, ux, ideas, anything is welcome!

Thank you so much!

:point_right: Fritch


It’s really awesomely made!

BTW what did you use for the video call?

Thank you @prakharm8, I used

Hey @mnlt this is fantastic! Congrats on your first launch and with such a unique use case. I am definitely in the target market for this app! I will check it out fully soon!

Consider launching it on too!

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thank you @Colin! yes I’m considering launching it on PH (also indie hackers), but firstly I want to iterate it a bit

perhaps making it more accessible, making users perceive the value without the need to signup, what do you think? (that was the feedback from an esports forum where I posted it yesterday)

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I always try to provide a way for users of my apps to get value from the app before registering if possible.

If you can figure a way to do that, I think you should implement it :slight_smile:


Hi @mnlt

I registered and I like the idea. I also like the overall UI/UX.

I just have one suggestion (or a doubt) for you - I tried to add my “friends” to my network via another of my own accounts, and initially I couldn’t see any list. But after I entered a few characters in the search bar and then I removed them, I could see a list of all users who have registered for your app.

I found it a little confusing. Because since initially I didn’t see any users, I assumed you want it to be a closed social network where you can only connect with the users you want, and there is no global directory of users where everyone is visible to everyone else (like fb, twitter, etc). In which case I shouldn’t be able to see anyone at all when I removed the search characters.

Maybe its an Adalo bug where some list is not visible initially, but then becomes visible. Or maybe there are some set of filters & features you need to implement (like a ‘follow’ function using cloneable kit) to respect everyone’s privacy.

But overall really like the app and your work. Great going,


thank you @tjd_15!

Yes you are right. I think this behavior is a bug. Sometimes the list loads itself, sometimes you have to type something.

I prefer Fritch to be a closed social network (just like whatsapp), I don’t expect people want to be in a call with random users, but friends.

I’ll try to allow users to search friends by email (as I can’t prevent users to repeat usernames :S) and don’t load all users in a raw.

Thank you so much for giving feedback!

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Hi @mnlt

You can totally implement unique usernames. See ‘Feather’ App by Lucien Tavano. He has implemented it using a conditional visibility on button to create a new user, by checking it against all the usernames in database.

You can clone app and see functionality for yourself.

Best of luck.


Thank you so much @tjd_15!

Very Dope concept and design!

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Hi, how did you integrate the video call function? Doe Jitsi have an API?

Hi @calco, not necessary. You can start a new meeting with Jitsi entering a URL like:

So in Fritch I allow users to create a group with a based on their profile

jitsi also have an API, so you can start a more customized call (but I don’t know to use it with Adalo in custom actions, for sure you can, but I don’t know how technically it works)

here is more info:

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I know it’s a very simple product, but I launched it on PH (I wanted to know how it works and learn)

Thanks for all your feedback!

but how do you make it so that they can share the url and join the room

Hey @mnlt ! Congrats on launching, this looks like a really interesting tool. Would love to know how you linked twitch through adalo as I am trying something similar. I’m launching a site/app with a community that I would love see use your app in tandem with ours as we just have a stream. I think there could be a really great crossover to help build a community! If not totally understand and will still probably recommend your app to our members.

Hi @mnlt, interesting app and congrats on the launch! I understand you are opening a persistent video call for your friends to watch twitch stream together. But theoretically, it can be other than twitch streams right? Basically you are sharing your screen with your friends right?