Real time chat (like Messenger) - coming soon

Two years of no-coding and finally something is happening. I won’t name all the features now, but briefly - local storage, deep linking, cache system, real-time chat, group chats, 1:1 chats, reporting, replies, block systems, notifications, video size control, youTube, unsplash, AI monitoring, AI assistant, galleries, voice recording, 3D emoji, and a bunch of other nice things are already in place. So it’s coming and I’ll probably let others take advantage of this great app. So watch the video and see for yourself.


Awesome! I would love for my apps chat system to look like this! Haha. Not exactly the sort of function I can dump that kind of time into however.

Good job!

If you will want, you will do that. But now I am still working on this chatApp and will have much more power. Wait, till you will see how it’s working. Probably I will give chance to lounch app on Android in test mode. Need to see it:)

If you do end up releasing it as a clone, I would LOVE to have it! :slight_smile: cheers!