First time user questions - Reviews App

I am creating a review app and need some help separating reviews from the agents they are reviewing.

Currently I have 2 tabs.
Agent Reviews

I want the agent’s page to be able to submit reviews to another tab and I am not sure how to do that.

Next question can I link directly to an agent inside my app?
I want to create an admin area to my app can I make the user have to login to see data about reviews but not be logged in to leave a review.

@gera3d A key concept to understand is that data collections and the screens they can appear on are two orthogonal things. You can pull reviews (or anything really) from the reviews tab so long as the path by which you navigate there passes a linkage that can be used to reference that data. Can read more about relationships in collections for how this works.

Not sure what you’re asking here. Can you post a loom vid of what you’re trying to achieve?

Different ways of doing it. I would look at visibility rules for selectively hiding elements on a page based on user-specific data. Could add a true/false property to the User collection called “IsAdmin” and show/hide what they are entitled to see based on that.