Placement is not staying no matter what i do

As you can see in the images, regardless what I do, it doesn’t stay where its suppose to.

Even if i move it a px, it still moves 20 px’s in the live viewer. its like its retracting from the spot i WANT to put it in, like opposite magnet effect.

I grouped them, nothing still.
I edit styles “bottom” still same effect.

Previewer - with bottom turned on and grouped

viewer showing results. If i move it a px more down, it will be 50px+ outside app

Grouped in editor

viewer showing issue

Any help is appreciated. thanks

Hello Mark,

From what I learned using and looking at other help topics, you would have to play around by adding transparent shapes around it to stop your image or text from moving around.
like this…

the gray rectangle you see in the image would be transparent.

as you see it works.

I hope this helps.


@williankober are you grouping them too?

The bottom seems to be working better, but isn’t touching the bottom of the screen so working on that. It’s the “better” part still, absolutely zero progress and I copied the demo exactly I believe. Tried grouping and no grouping too. Same results.



I was able to jerry rig the “better” part by moving it up a bit to work. Previewer and app look fine but not in editor. Will make sure its fixed before app store release though.

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