The elements are moved when filtering others in "fixed top"

When you embed an item that is filtered “top fixed”, hiding it moves all items to the top edge of the screen. Has this happened to someone? I have tried to try with rectangles and nothing … it seems that incorporating that element saves the pixels of the size, and when it disappears, that line of the other elements is lost, losing the order and position. Is there a way that the other elements stay in their same position? I have this problem with 3 elements of this style.


Hi @Lofi ,

Not happened to me.

Here’s mine.

The Setup :

Preview :

Visibility condition has applied to the notification icon and it’s not visible.

Visibility condition not met and it’s visible.

Thank you

I no longer know what to do … It seems absurd to me the time wasted in such nonsense, which completely breaks the aesthetics of my app. I do not understand what function would have eliminate automatically the strip where the element that is filtered is. The matter has me furious. I have tried to put all the elements back in case there was a failure and nothing. I can’t put a simple and easy filter because the rest its moving… It’s frustrating

Could you add a video about the setup?

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As @dilon_perera says, we need more info to determine what could be happening.

You can share a screen recording where you show how you have the elements set up, and that will help.

Or even better, you can make the app clonable and share the link so anyone can clone it and check on their side.

By the way, you will bump into frustrations like that many times when building an app. Be that with Adalo or any other tool. I recommend getting used to it. :wink:

If you are stuck, then take a step back. Disconnect. Go for a walk. Sleep on it. Then try again. :slightly_smiling_face:



I’ll give you a gif showing what happens and how the elements are configured @dilon_perera and @charleshope.

Try grouping the app bar and the group ( Set the fixed type to none ) and set the fixed type to Top.

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I just tried it, it does the same…

You have added the app bar component right? I tried with the screen that giving the app bar ( same ). Not adding the app bar component ( something wrong with that. but the screen that has the same app bar component works well ).

Try adding the screen that has the app bar ( Next to Blank screen on adding a screen ) and add that group ( icon and text ) and set that group fixed type to Top or group the app bar and that group and set the fixed type to Top.

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Correct, I have added a button to the application bar, because the cores that bring the bar does not give the option to filter. The example that you put could you filter the button that brings the application bar?

We can’t add conditions to the icons that gives from the app bar. But you can add icons and set the fixed type to top ( I did it like this in my example ).

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I have re-done the entire app bar and group again and it does the same … Nothing works. I will have to leave the elements of the application bar unfiltered. For some reason it doesn’t work for me. Thanks for the help and for your time.

Try again like this.

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I have done the exact same thing and it has worked!

I guess it must be a bug or something… All the application bars that I have have been copied from one screen to another. And it has worked when I have loaded the screen that comes with the included navigation bar. If I add it from elements or copy it from another screen, I get bugged…

Solved @dilon_perera! thank you!!! :star_struck:

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Great and Your Welcome!

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