Fixed rectangles "container" for custom list

Hi, I want to create a dashboard with custom lists and would to have boxes where the custom lists sits inside for design reasons. - I made those boxes with rectangles, the lists sits on top of the rectangle. I shaped the list in a way that it can sit nicely in the box.
But for some reason when I preview it, the rectangles width is always adjusting to the width of the list item. So if there is only one list item in the list, the rectangle will not look like i want it to.
I just want the container to always have the same width regardless of the number of list items…

I thought about doing the boxes as a background image but thats a rather unpleasent solution.
Many thanks for help!

Screenshot of editor view and of app preview please

of course the width is changing because of the resolutions of the monitor, but its the height the bothers me…

If I follow what you are saying then use 4 invisible rectangles to define your layout, then drop your lists / content / titles in them. Make sure the rectangles abut.

It’s a bit of trial and error in every situation. Transparent 1x1 pixels to force minimum widths / height of containers is also an option.

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