For all Adalo devs and makers! This one is for you!

Let’s assume for a second that Adalo reconsiders their trajectory and comes up with something satisfactory to all or most current customers, in such a scenario, I’ve been developing an app I believe could be very beneficial to Adalo devs (that would be component, theme, kit clones, etc) and makers (those who spend their time using dev-built products to make apps).

The basis of the app will be to provide a space to Adalo devs to showcase, advertise, reach potential customers and sell their products. My app will not serve as a store-gateway (in the immediate sense, anyway), but rather a centralized docking zone for devs to collectively showcase their work and offerings.

Makers, on the other hand, will be able to easily locate all (or most) available and newly released components/themes/kits and the like, save “wants” for future access, sign up for various notification offerings from devs (push, email, SMS, etc) to stay in the loop for what’s out there.

In my pursuit of building apps with Adalo, one thing I’ve noticed is the difficulty of gaining access or knowing where to find all of the extras that are out there (I just discovered another component Dev yesterday!). Many of the devs have their own websites or sell in Adalo’s marketplace, and is why I won’t be pursuing a function of selling from within my app but rather providing an easy to locate, search, save and notify system for both devs and makers.

This app isn’t meant to replace this forum but rather to supplement it. Unless I missed something, the forum doesn’t provide push notifications when a new post is made and posts can easily be pushed down the thread, out of view. So unless you’re like me and monitor the forum rather frequently, there’s a good chance you missed a component drop somewhere along the way.

In addition, for makers, a future implementation will allow you to showcase your app projects or live apps/websites, and build out your portfolio to reach and present to potential customers looking for a solution.

Apps should solve problems, and this app is intended to do just that. It’s completely free to create an account for both devs and makers, and devs can take advantage of all available offerings for connecting with makers free of charge and vice versa for makers.

I will have a rough draft roadmap available before too long, and devs/makers are invited and encouraged to help shape that map and it’s direction, as this app is “Built by Builders for Builders.”

If you’re a dev, shoot me a message and I’ll give you the details. The app will have a “port over” function, as we know time is money, and reducing your time spent building out your portfolio with my app is a key offering.

Lastly, community is everything. And as I have vehemently expressed with Adalo, profit should not be placed over progress, as progress done correctly brings profit in the long term. Devs and makers alike should show love for each other’s work, effort, creations and talent, and as such, each dev/maker will have the ability to setup a tip jar along with their portfolio, accepting a variety of tip transfer methods.

I hope you’ll check it out when it goes to production, which will be soon. I plan to move forward even while we wait for Adalo’s final ruling. I’ll have more details to come.


I can’t wait to check it out! Thanks so much for making this :slight_smile:

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Hello I love it! I add, but I hope that adalo does something with his prices otherwise it is impossible to work like this

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Thanks! I hope they do something reasonable too, because I’ve really enjoyed developing this particular app and it won’t serve much use if all of Adalo’s customers leave or can’t afford to buy components anymore.

Way to identify a problem & try to solve it!

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That’s the game plan! I’m just hopeful Adalo goes in a positive direction. I believe this app could be very useful to a broad base of devs/makers on Adalo, and I’ve got some good plans in the works for future development to increase maker exposure to potential clients. Even got some private sponsors willing to push the app towards its goals, but they’re sitting idle right now till we see what Adalo is gonna do.

I’m going to try to soft launch ITctrl as a PWA in the meantime to let devs and makers check it out and see how things are intended to function. Should everything pan out as we all are hoping at the Adalo level, I’ll launch ITctrl to App Store and Google Play.

I wish I had known that adalo took 40% commission on marketplace sales. I would have sought out directly from component makers’ websites.

Apple takes 30%. 40% is upsetting.

Agreed. That’s a steep hike on market sales, I was pretty blown away when I found that out (and was a key driver behind the concept of my app. Maybe my app will help some up and comers negate that charge by selling direct to consumer. If a dev chooses to list in the MP anyway, that’s up to them and I get there’s exposure by going that route, but that’s pretty expensive exposure.

Listing with the app I’m building will be free. Access to its promotional methods will be free. My app will accept donations from anyone who wants to see it sustain and grow, and there may be some perks down the road (haven’t decided yet) at cost for devs who want to increase their allotted reach tokens, but what’s provided for free will be quite sufficient for most devs to connect with buyers.

The intent is to help everyone grow at their own pace, not capitalize my own wealth at the expense of monopolizing a service.

I would recommend a ‘featured’ upgrade option. A little bit of exposure by placing a maker at the top / front of page. Better version of being ad supported.

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Excellent idea! Thanks for the tip. As noted, my intent isn’t to create a money-machine for self-wealth but rather a platform benefiting this forum, makers and devs alike. So I want to ensure there’s a balance between “paid for” services and making the app accessible to all, while at the same time ensuring the app will stay available without blowing my bank account out of the water lol.