On this day, one year ago

On this day… one year ago, we…

:tada::tada: Launched on Product Hunt!

Who would’ve known in one year, we would have:
Over 100,000 makers creating apps on our platform
Hundreds of apps in the app stores
& 30+ inspiring apps to show off to you!

Take a look at all the different types of apps being built on Adalo, including:
:100: Startups
:briefcase: Internal Business Tools
‍:handshake:‍ Customer-Facing Apps
:heart_eyes: Personal Interests
:busts_in_silhouette: Community Apps

A big thank you to everyone for letting us show-off your creations!


Pretty unbelievable that Adalo is only 1 year old. I’m glad I have found the platform early and get to be part of the growing community.


An amazing platform. I found it through a facebook ad I think, sometime in the pandemic; overnight I had built an app for musicians to share content privately with their fans. Came up with the idea as a test for the Adalo platform, but I was blown away by how fast I was able to develop it. I mean, I started work on it by 11pm on the very day I first found out about Adalo, and by morning I was showing off this interesting app I just made.

You guys deserve to celebrate this anniversary. You’ve done great work, and we believe in you.


Found this at the bottom.