just hangs when I try to open some apps

As the title says: it’s weird. Some apps open fine, some don’t. It doesn’t seem to be my biggest apps that has the issue.

What is weird is I can tell it will not open because for a second I see the ‘You are offline’ bar flash across the top.

Anyone find something like this? Anyone find any solution :). I have tried in private browser, different browser and different devices. It does seem to work on my colleagues device.

Picture shows the excitement. It will sit like this forever.

Same - also has changed my branding and won’t let me use customer fonts. It’s all F-ed up

well Maybe that your computers because on my biggest app i had this problem with my laptop so i user another one and dont get this problem no more, also the your offline bar is ujust something that comes up

I have 3 days. It opens after half an hour and no update. I can’t log in again until after an hour of waiting. Tried all browsers and tried this method. But the same problem.

Please change the editor and put a folder in which to put the screens. We can work for large projects, not slow

I use VPN with nearest location.

Recently it opens around 5 minutes, previously it open less than a minute.

Look for CPU usage, if it’s still rendering.

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