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Dear collegues!
My name is Vladislav. I’m working on an app where I need to refresh several screens. The idea I used was to link a screen I need to refresh (let’s call it Data Screen) with an empty screen (action when button is clicked) and link the empty screen (when user visits the screen) with the Data Screen. Yesterday I discovered the action when user visits the empty screen had stopped workind, so the user moves to an empty screen and stucks there. Has anyone faced the same problem? If yes- how have you solved it?

Hi @VladislavBulychev ,

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If I understand correctly, you want to redirect users from an empty screen to a data screen when they visit the empty screen. To achieve this, you need to set up a screen action. To do so, click on the empty screen on the left-hand side and you will see the screen actions. From there, you can link it to the back function.

I hope this will help you.


No, the problem is that I have already made a screen action, but yesterday it stoped working… I wonder if there were an Adalo update or smth which cause the problem

I have the same issue. My custom lists do not update until I move to the previous screen and come back. These lists have been working fine for the last 8 months. Only yesterday it exhibited the strange behaviour. This happen at several points in the app, not just with custom lists, but also with data that is changed but appear unchanged until I refresh screen or go to another screen & come back. I am about to submit a ticket.

I tryed to use Link/Back instead of Link/Data screen, this link also didn’t work…

Hi @VladislavBulychev @eduscvs

If you encounter an issue, attempting to create a new screen may resolve it. If the issue persists, please raise a ticket (Submit a Support Ticket) and include a screen recording that explains the problem. This will enable the developers to better understand and address the issue.


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