Form entry dependent

Hello everyone,

regarding forms, can i make an input dependent to another input. for example input B only appears if input A (gender) is female ?

is there a way to do it on the same form or i will have to make it into two screens ?

thanks in advance.

Oops, sorry, right tuto pointing now
Yop, can do almost any recipe !

Thanks for your replay.

I know about visibility, but that was not what i was asking.
my question meant that in the same form where users register can i make a specific entry (in a form) relays on another entry (in the same form) ?
or i would have to divide them into two forms to make it easier ?

Yes, you would use visibility to achieve this. A way to display an input if user made certain choice.
If user is a teacher than show button Teachers-room, if student show (instead) button Classmates…etc…

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