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I followed this tutorial on how to have a dropdown menu in a form.

I was wondering if it was possible to change the visibility of the fields, individually and not the form globally. For instance if I have two dropdown menus such as “Student” and “Professional”. I would like the student to only be one of those.

Thus, if he selects a category in the dropdown menu student, the dropdown menu professional will not appear and vice versa.

Thank you

You could do this using two drop down menus and choosing which to display based on the user input of the 1st drop down. So Student drop down would only be visible and appear if they select student in the first drop down.

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Hi @mightyels,

Thank you for the help! However, it seems that when dropdown menus are fields of a form and I can’t find the option to change the visibility of just the field containing the dropdown menu

Just had a look and i see your problem. I would probably work around this by first selecting if you’re a student or Professional and then taking them to another screen to continue the rest of the form.

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Indeed it seems easier although it changes the UX a bit, thank you

Instead of using the form component itself, you could recreate this form from individual text, text input and a button. That way you would have total control over each field.

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