Change form field visibility

I am trying to make a sign up form, but I faced some issue regarding the visibility for a specific field.
I have been looking for a solution, and I found that changing the visibility for one field is not supported yet :frowning: . So, is there any alternatives ?

Welcome to the community @ssaadullah :sunglasses:

Just use input components and a button for the visibility rules and make your own custom form.

What about the mandatory fields and drop down list ?

My sign up form consist of these important things

The flow goes like this

Drop down list ( Student, Staff, other )
If the user choose other, an input field must apear enabling user to enter some text

Break the form down into multiple screens, that way you can set visibility rules for different things.

Screen 1: email, password signup.
Screen 2: first/last name
Screen 3: Dropdown list selection (student/staff/other)

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