Form & exporting data when submit

I have a registration form on the app but would like once the form is completed & submitted (inc a PDF or Docx) to be sent to an email address.
Had a watch of a ‘Form’ Tutorial but it didn’t really illustrate what I was after.


You can have a look at that tutorial starting at 8:20 Adalo tutorials: multistep customised password reset. ATTENTION - IMPORTANT UPDATES in description. - YouTube

Thanks for that, so here’s the problem I’m having with this and other videos like it. The key piece of information is just casually skipped over because it’s already done - In this case the API, so it literally makes very little or no sense.
What Adalo fail to grasp is, that ppl are using ‘No code’ because they lack (for whatever reasons) the technical skills and knowledge to code.
So casually skipping over a key step like it isn’t important is like me telling you how to make a souffle: egg whites & sugar - one third to two third with base - 12mins @180c. It means very little if you miss out bits of information.

It’s a constant, not just Adalo - but all tech and very fustrating.
So now is there a video to set up the API in sendinBlue?

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Here’s how I set it up. If you need more help, just contact me!

You can also have a look here: Send email with SendInBlue

Hello, I use sendinblue, but I have a question, do you know how I can use a template or design in my emails? I know how to do it in sendgrid but not in sendinblue

Hi Ron,
OK so far but when I test the form it creates the record on the database but doesnt sent the email with the new data added to the database and once the form is submitted the back link doesnt work either.
Thanks for your help so far

In most cases the JSON code has a syntax error, which causes the send Email not to work. Have you tried to test your JSON code here

The JSON code is the body of the email?

Yes, correct, copy, paste the JSON “body” to the website and see if you get an error in the syntax.

Nope nothing - seems fine with it.
I’m just going to ask this as it maybe something I’ve overlooked.
I only need a paid Adalo plan & a SendinBlue free account for this to work?

I’ve run a test on the custom action which seems to work. but when doing it in the preview it doesnt return the user back to the link page after submitting data.

The original topic was how to send an email with SendinBlue? That’s OK now? But you have another question for returning back to the linked page correct?

Hi Ron,
No the email still isnt working, hence why I was asking maybe some other settings I might have missed.

The link back to previous page is just a minor irritation

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The original topic was how to send an email with SendinBlue? That’s OK now? But you have another question for returning back to the linked page correct?

Whatmessage do you get when you press “RUN TEST REQUEST”?

I think there’s a limitation that Custom actions doesn’t works on form Component submit button.


Yep says it’s fine

Hi Dilon,
so basically I can’t get the data or file exported via email I have to come onto Adalo to retrive the info?

You can! Watch this Tutorial that Adalo Team created :
And also there are some more tutorials that send emails through different tools!

In past days I was using a form and added a custom action and it sometimes works but sometimes no. Then I tried to use Custom forms and seems like it’s working. Not sure if this is a bug or the limitation is still there that I posted above.

I have to ask it from the Adalo Team!

And in your Custom action for what email the information is sending? Could you add some screenshots?

Edit :

Ben from Adalo Team said :

This is still correct. Your best option is to use a custom form, or an interstitial screen to run the action if you don’t need to output.

Thank you

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