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Hi everyone. I create aps with adalo, but i need once function. When client write any text in text box, then click the butto “send” i need to send email. Sendgrid dont work, how to resolve the problem? What use to sending email?

Hi @waszczuklukasz,

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With Sendgrid the email don’t send?

You can use Abracadalo! : Notification API Tutorial - YouTube , Notification API | Abracadalo API Handbook

Also you can use Adastacks : Scheduled Notifications - Adastacks Guides

You can sue Sendinblue too : Sending emails in Adalo via Sendinblue - YouTube

Hope this helps!

Thank you

Ok, i use sendinblue, when i create custom action to button, dont send any email :(. But in configuration customaction, test emails sends. Where can I find the cause. Are there any logs?

This is only possible when sendinblue releases your account. This can take up to 3 days. Test goes, but the correct only after official verification

Ok, so im wait 3 days. Thanks.

I got the information from sendinblue that I have everything active. When I do a test in custom action, I have success. however, when I click on the button to send an email, nothing happens. Unfortunately, seninblue does not work, I am looking for another solution. Thanks for the help

Hi @waszczuklukasz ,
Check for trailing spaces and email format. Try to send an email with a static email and not magic text to see if it works. If it does, it means that the magic text was not properly created. Let me know how it goes.

If you continue having issues, you can also test using Elasticemail, Mailersend, these work great also.

I use sendgrid, it works great.

Is it possible add some screenshots about the setup and how you are adding the magic text inside the editor or add a video showing these all settings ( you can use Loom )?

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