Form with checkbox

In my app, there are some offers from different brands.
Whenever a user clicks on a form, I want to show him a list of items available from that particular brand.
For this am planning to create a separate collection “Offer Items” with two columns - Item, Brand.
And depending on which brand user selects, I can filter the list displayed. Is the method correct ?

Now, when the user selects this checkboxes, I want to save which user selected which all items. How can I do that ?

Hi @Nitish,

How the user selects brand? From a drop-down? Then the offers list is filtered by that brand? And once you click on a offer it goes to another screen shows items of that offer right? And then what should happen?

Sorry for many questions :slightly_smiling_face: Wanted to get the idea of what you are trying to do.

Thank you

Hey @dilon_perera no worries for the questions.

So basically, all the offers are presented in the form of an infinite list. No dropdown
Every brand has one image, and if the user clicks on that image he’s taken to another screen where products from that brand are displayed.

Now, I want that whatever product the user selects that should be stored somewhere against his name.
For eg, in the above image, if the user selects Tshirt, caps and bags, I want to store it somewhere so that I can be able to send him those icons.
How do I do this ???

And yes, the user will just be shown a thankyou message when he clicks Next, and will be again redirected to the screen on left

You can create a many to many relationship between the products collection and user’s collection and store the selected products there. But after clicking next and come back you need to remove the products from that rel to choose new ones on next time. Otherwise if the user tried in 2nd time the products that selected in 1st time shown.

Or you can create another collection and create a many to many relationship with the products collection and this collection and store and before user comes to this screen you can create a record and then in that screen you can update that record.

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