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For example I have a product collection and a product can have tags which are also a collection. Lets say there are 10 tags that can be assigned to a particular product.

I create a form that creates a new product and I want to have a multi select drop down or some other selectable list on the page for the tags (pulling from the tag collection).

New when I create the product it has a list of selected tags now associated with it.

It does not appear that this is possible currently, because the tag property within the product does not even show as an option that can be populated during the creation process (maybe because its a list of tags?)

I hope I’m explaining this properly and any help is appreciated.

Can you explain more, basically what I understand is that you want a multi-select drop down?

I was able to find a multi-select dropdown in the marketplace that can be associated/populated with a collection such as “Tags” so thats not a problem. However, what Im not able to do is multi-select those tags and add them to the “tag” relationship property within the product when a new product is created. The product collection has several properties. one being a “tag” relationship which corresponds to a tag collection.

I hope thats clarifies a bit.


Okay just to clarify tags are in database under 1 collection by itself?

Tags are a collection by themselves just as product are.

For example within the tag collection there is small, medium, and large. A product has a tag relationship. So when creating a new product (tshirt) you would multi select the appropriate tags for that product. Basically adding a list of tags to a product. Not sure if your familiar with but this would be accomplished by designating a property as a list versus a single item.

I am trying to create a cloneable app for you, so what you want is two relations tags and product and user multi-select his tags to find the product he needs in the list?

basically I just need a product to be able to have a list of tags. for example I pull in a form that creates a new product or I setup a button along with form elements/multi-select to create a new product. When the new product is created I need to be able to add the list of tags that were selected in the multi-select to the product.

Here you go, I have finished my cloneable app!

Cloneable [BY B0] (

Thanks so much for taking the time to create the cloneable app. Unfortunately It’s not quite the functionality Im looking for. The app only allows to add one tag. I need to be able to add multiple/list of tags via another list or a multi-select dropdown.

I did find away around my issue, but its not ideal and requires two steps instead of just one… the workaround was to create the product and then navigate to the product and then I can add the tags from another list with a click of a button.

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