Dates to show using dd/mm/yyyy format?

Hey everyone!

I’m just wondering if there is a way to show the date in the dd/mm/yyyy format rather than the mm/dd/yyyy that seems to be the default. Someone posted before suggesting that it’s based on the user and in Europe it shows as the dd/mm format but I am in Europe and it doesn’t - my app has been published and it shows the default format both in the prototype builder and published app.


@wiktorkaro that may have been me you were referring to. I am in Europe also and it definitely shows dd/mm/yyyy both in the Adalo preview and on the webapp installed on Both Android and iOS phones. I guess it must be a setting somewhere in your environment.

Are you calculating a date? Or perhaps taking it from another source? What shows when you just show a text box with magic text “today”?

Hey, thanks for the reply! I have no idea why it was doing that, but all working now. Checked on my phone also displayed the European format so no idea why on my laptop it was reverting to the American date format but all good now!

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