Formatting Numbers as Phone numbers

I am saving phone numbers for users & can collect the number, but users don’t want to see the full string as this makes it harder to read. I have tried changing the input into a Text field, and then when saving I transfer this “number with spaces” in to Number equivalent - so the user can see the “nicely” formatted version but the background utilises the number value.

But whenever I use the Text input value for a number in the collections - and there is a sapce in the input (e.g. 1234 567 890), the value is not saved at all!

And there is no other way to Display number values as Telephone Number formatting - any Ideas?

Hi @dasuksta,

I’ve experimented a bit, please see the video here:

It’s not a universal solution, but may inspire you with some ideas.


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Yep, @Victor beat me to it (great video by the way!) Two main ways to get around this:

  1. Provide separate input boxes and collection properties for each section of the number when the user adds it (this can be subtle if designed carefully).

  2. Don’t show the number at all, just an icon or button that uses the URL scheme (tel:NUMBER) to call the number.

Currently there’s no way to perform string modification in Adalo like in Airtable.


@Victor thanks for the Video, some great ideas bro! You’re a total Gangsta!! :sunglasses: :+1:


Thank you for your kind words @pfordmedia and @dasuksta :slight_smile:


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