0 in front of number field

Does anyone know how to allow a 0 as the first number in a number field? I have a “Mobile Number” field but won’t allow 07… as the first numbers, saves as 7…

@robrea make it a text field instead of number field

thanks for this, but that means users can enter anything they like. At least a number field validates that only numbers are used. Is there no other way?

Based on recent townhall, other data types are coming soon to Adalo, you can make a switch to that subsequently, for now I see only this as the option.

I had the same problem - but solved by:
Having a number input - then saving the number and the number as Text field in the back end.
I then show the Number as Text in the user front end with 0 in front.

I have the initial save of the Number than have additional Update function on the button - which makes it transparent to the user. I also go further by adding spaces between the number for legibility.

See attached small guide for splitting down the number & screenshots of my functions.

Hope this Helps :innocent:

The quickest way I solved this is by adding the zero in both prefix boxes as seen below…


It adds a small space between the prefix and the phone number but it works and is a quick fix

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