Free Android invoicing app for on-the-go professionals

Zipvoice. I created and launched a free Android invoicing app for on-the-go professionals such as freelancers, contractors, and small business owners. They can easily create PDF invoices, send them directly from their device, and track the payment status.

Zipvoice on the Google Play Store (Free)

Many of the existing apps are either part of large companies (Square, Quickbooks, etc.) or have many complex features that the average freelancer doesn’t need 99% of the time.

Using Adalo, I created Zipvoice to focus on the simplest invoice possible by minimizing clutter and focusing only on the key information needed to create an invoice. If the user needs to add more details, there are buttons that expands hidden fields.

I also linked with the PDF Generator API service in order to create a simple, clean PDF of the invoice. I got creative with Adalo by incorporating a clean but fun design, pop-up modals, and ‘visibility’ toggles.

Thanks to folks on the forum so far who have provided advice on building the app!