📣 Announcing Abracadalo!

:wave: Hello Adaloniens

We are very proud to announce the launch of Abracadalo, a new pre-built toolkit with many API functions built for Adalo !

Abracadalo lets you empower your Adalo apps with ease ! You manage 1 account and get plenty of APIs !

Example of Pre-Built APIs:
Currently available: Regex functions, Strings functions, Random API, Calendar Generator Links, Custom Email Sender, Verification Email, Send Scheduled Email

In development: SMS Sender, Scheduled and Recurrent Actions, and many more!

Everything is pre-built in order to simplify the API set up, and let you focus on your most important work.

Register Now !
Give it a try it and start for free:

Thank you all for your time !


Super cool! Welcome to the community :partying_face:

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Well personally i use Abracadalo, very easy to use, no limitation especially about the email API with their easy way to create a template of your own. Very nice finally you’re live, can’t wait for upcoming features…


I really dig the name. Cool stuff, will have to try it out.

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Hello @Santiago, thank you for your feedbacks and your trust! We are working on a series of tutorials in order to make the set up of our APIs as easy as possible for everyone ! We will release them soon and they will be available form the Abracadalo Dashboard https://my.abracadalo.com/

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Nice work Abracadalo!

Getting Started with Abracadalo | Part 1: The Abracadalo Dashboard - YouTube / Getting Started with Abracadalo | Part 2: The API Handbook - YouTube


It’s the User Agent portion that brings the heat for me!

Usage example:
I’ve had past performance issues with Android users on a few screens in my app.
Now with your tools I can block those users out through conditionals.

I’ll get started on implementation this week. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you @dilon_perera ! We are about to publish also the third part of the « Getting Started with Abracadalo » series about « How to set up an API Request with Abracadalo »


We are really happy to hear that! Do not hesitate to submit a feature request if you have something special to create !

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Is it also possible to receive a notification before a certain date? In which I say -2w. So date and then 2 weeks before?

Hllo @MichaelApp, do you to get a notification on a random date before a certain date?

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Here’s what I mean. My event will take place on 28.04.2022 and I want everyone to have a reminder on 26.04.2022

Yes this is possible! I have attached an image with how the custom action will look


Thanks :blush:

Hello abracadalo! Very good job work for API Handbook. I don’t understand the assignment for notification api. I am a beginner. Would you know me brief assignment or what the parameters should look like? Because he still shows me the Missing “to” string.

Hey @AndreasAyoCruz

I’m not with Abracadalo but I use Abracadalo, so I know how to configure this.

First, you need to ensure that you’re using the “medium” query parameter to select the type of notification.

If you’re sending an SMS message, you’ll need to use “to” and “message” as query parameters. Use the user’s phone number in the “to” parameter and the message in the “message” parameter. The number must be formatted in E.164 format.

If you’re sending a push notification, you’ll need to use “to”, “title”, and “message” as query parameters. Use the user’s email address in the “to” parameter, a push notification title in the “title” parameter, and the message in the “message” parameter.

If you’re sending an email notification, you’ll need to use “to”, “subject”, and “templateID” as query parameters. Use the user’s email address in the “to” parameter, a subject line in the “subject” parameter, and the templateID you created in Abracadalo in the “templateID” parameter.

Here’s what a complete API custom action looks like to send a scheduled push notification:


Hello @AndreasAyoCruz,
We will publish a tutorial video tomorrow explained step by step how to step up the Notification API. We will create a post in the forum with the link.

Thank you very much @Flawless for your help!

Thank you for your response. :slight_smile:

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I wanted to test and then buy.